Urban Girl Almanac: Summertime

Urban Girl Almanac: Summertime

This has been one crazy week! Between the Ladies Activity Club and work, I’ve barely had time to think. But luckily, it has been full of equal amounts fun and stress. I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

  • I’ve graduated from physical therapy! (again!)
  • The sale rack at Club Monaco is the greatest. They have this incredible teal jersey dress on sale right now.
  • You can accomplish a lot in three hours of power shopping downtown.
  • Kabuki communal baths are so relaxing and not creepy at all.
  • When did the guy from Maroon Five become so hot? Seriously, watch the video for “Makes me Wonder” in HD sometime.
  • Kiwis are great in salads.
  • Rob is so good at taking care of me. I was stressed about work last night and he brought home Truly Med for dinner for me.
  • I cannot wait for the LOST finale next week!
  • I am ashamed to admit that I kind of love cheesy summer network TV programming. America’s got Talent? National Bingo Night? I love it all. It’s our version of Eurovision.
  • I’m jealous that my parents leave for vacation tomorrow!
  • An upstairs neighbor getting a grand piano and wanting to learn how to play it is one of the worst things that can happen to an apartment dweller.

Rob and I have a big weekend ahead. We’re going to Sausalito tomorrow to look at wedding locations and go kayaking before coming back to the city to attend the Oyster and Beer Festival. Sunday is going to be devoted to walking and then recovering from Bay to Breakers.

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  1. Diana at 9:30 pm

    Well, Lost is the best. And I admit to loving summer tv as well. Oh, I wish I was there for Bay to Breakers too! Good luck with wedding research.