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Step 2: List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location. Okay, it is impossible to narrow it down to just five in a foodie city like San Francisco. So I’m going to present my five favorite cheap places to eat:

5. Burrito Wagons – The only places you can get authentic Mexican food in San Francisco have wheels. Try the chicken burrito at the wagon parked outside of Best Buy on Harrison. Or the spicy chicken street tacos outside Mission Cliffs. Come to think of it, anything from a wagon is usually good. Also try the crepe wagon parked outside of Slim’s.

4. BurgerMeister – Organic meat from Neiman Ranch, ice cream from Mitchell’s, beer on tap and plenty of crispy french fries. Even cheaper when they have specials during the week or coupons printed on the back of Safeway receipts.

3. Miyabi Sushi – Definitely not the best sushi in San Francisco, but good and very cheap. It’s a perfect place to get a big bottle of sapporo and whole bunch of rolls to share with friends. Plus, open until 11:30.

2. Axum Cafe – Great Ethiopian food served up by a friendly family in a relaxed location. The Tibsi fishie with a veggie combo is a must. Also open late, this cafe goes until 10:30!

1. Truly Mediterranean – Absolutely no atmosphere but seriously delicious food. Order the combo box full of falafels, hummus, baba, dolmas, seasoned onions, tabouleh, cucumber salad, feta cheese and pita bread. Plus, you’re in the middle of Valencia Street hipster heaven and near the Indian ice cream store.

Step 3: Tag 5 more people. I tag Jean, Jordan, Sara, Kate and Diana.

Even that list was really hard to come up with! I’m feeling very lucky to live in such a great city. Have a great weekend!

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There are 5 comments for this article
  1. Nicole Tan at 1:43 am

    woo yummy yummy burritos..and indian ice cream??? geez I’ve never tasted one before…sound very different..and woo miyabi sushi…with sappporo??? wah!!!

    Ps thanks for doing the tag. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers

  2. velverse at 10:29 am

    I must give Axum a try as I really wonder what Ethiopian food taste like.

    Wooo… Indian Ice Cream Store… Now.. is that any different from the ones we get at the supermarket?

  3. mrsem Author at 5:37 pm

    The Indian ice cream place has all kinds of cool flavors including saffron, rose, cardamom, pistachio, etc. It’s very different!

  4. k8 at 8:34 pm

    ooo fun! i’ll get my list up this week : )