Things I Love Today: Apricots

Things I Love Today: Apricots

By my estimate, I had sixteen perfect sweet apricots in the last 24 hours. No matter that it is really cold out, it feels just like summer to be barefoot at home with a mouthful of apricot!

Safeway currently has the tiny, delicate apricots that are so good. They’re packaged in clear boxes with red handles for extra safety. These are the kind that you can barely look at without bruising. The kind that are exactly two bites. The absolute antithesis of those baseball sized sour things they usually market as apricots.

Yum…I’m resolved to eat five more when I get home.

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  1. jordan at 10:22 pm

    oooh. yummmy. There used to be a rare breed of apricots I would buy at the Ferry Building farmers market. They were a billion dollars but so flavorful.

  2. L. at 5:14 am

    For sure — everything is so downright delicious right now. Yesterday I had a white nectarine that was so ripe it almost exploded in my hand. Apricots, cherries, everything is so perfect right this second.

  3. Diana at 3:22 pm

    ha, I just bought some yesterday as well. They are hands down my favorite fruit. They remind me of the big apricot tree in my grandmother’s yard…and her apricot pie.