What to Wear: San Diego Vacation

What to Wear: San Diego Vacation

My family used to take a beach vacation once a summer down in Montecito. It was lovely! We’d sleep in until the fog burned off, swim in the ocean, read New Yorkers, play shuffleboard and eat ice cream sundaes. Elizabeth also has a some California beach time coming up:

I recently got married and next month I’ll be going to San Diego for a week with my husband’s WHOLE family. I’m talking aunts, uncles, cousins and babies. The entire time is spent in beach cottages and no one leaves the beach the whole time unless it’s to go across the street for groceries. Naturally, I will be decked out in a swimming suit all day and it’s really important to me that I look great (especially in front of my mother-in-law).

Unfortunately I haven’t been blessed with my husband’s perfectly tanned skin, but instead, have a big problem with an annoyingly white exterior. You’ve mentioned getting a “spray tan” more than once on your blog so I thought I’d ask if you have any advice for a first-timer? Feel free to advise on cute beach outfits as well! You’re so good at this!

I’m jealous! For the tan skin, I recommend a professional spray tan in a salon the day before you leave (go with the lightest shade they have) and/or ample applications of Build-A-Tan at home. Here’s my recipe for great vacation at the beach wear:

Dress – A light linen piece that can work as a dress or with pants/shorts underneath.
Bikini – A basic model from Old Navy.
Rash Guard – This is a favorite trick of mine for preventing sunburns, especially when snorkeling. Plus, the rash guard and bikini bottom combo is very flattering.
Pants – A nice pair of wide leg pants is perfect for relaxing on vacation.
Shorts – I don’t wear shorts. But if I did, I would totally wear these from J.Crew.
Bag – For all your sunblock and sand-logged magazines.
Sandals – A step above basic rubber flip flops.

Have a great time in San Diego, Elizabeth! Try to make it to Balboa Park and eat as many fish tacos as you can.

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  1. Anne at 5:58 pm

    Emily, do you hate shorts?
    I find that the older I get the more I just really like skirts.
    Have gotten to like capris too though. 🙂

    love those pants you picked out in this one!

  2. mrsem Author at 6:03 pm

    I don’t hate shorts…I just happen to look really bad in them. My sister, a die-hard shorts fan, even agrees with me.

    Skirts and capris are much better!