Urban Girl Alamanac: Summer Bliss

Urban Girl Alamanac: Summer Bliss

This has been a really nice week. The work bully disappeared, I went to the gym, I made apricot crisp, I went to the movies. All around, a very good week. Here’s what I learned:

  • Yay for work bullies getting what they deserve.
  • I’m getting certifiably buff from all this climbing, walking and biking.
  • Having a clear vision for the wedding is so helpful.
  • Watching Quicksilver makes you want to talk to bike messengers, which almost always turns out to be a mistake.
  • Darn you Vino and Rasmussen.
  • Apricot crisp is one of my favorite things.
  • I heart Nick Lowe.
  • A courtyard guitar sing-along with your buddies Wednesday night at 11:00pm is not a good idea when that courtyard happens to be surrounded by apartments full of people trying to sleep.
  • The sushi restaurant in the Metreon is actually pretty good.
  • Ocean’s 13 is worth renting.
  • Good wardrobe foundation pieces are important.
  • Our caterer’s latest menu proposal sounds sooo delicious. Baby artichokes with lavender aioli!
  • The Fit is go.

Rob and I are hopefully going to buy our new car tomorrow morning (anyone in the market for a great little 2001 Miata?) The rest of the weekend is going to be full of shopping, biking and Tour parties. And I hope a lot of sleeping too. I need to rest up for a very busy week.

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  1. love.boxes at 10:34 pm

    That is a great week. Now you can go to work and breathe easier… very refreshing! Just goes to show what goes around comes around so it’s best to be nice! 🙂