Inspired: Simple Weddings

Inspired: Simple Weddings

The more I’ve been wedding planning, the more I’ve been envying those old fashioned simple weddings. Like my parent’s wedding in San Francisco, planned in a week. My mom wore a gunny sax lace dress my grandmother bought her, my dad wore a suit. They didn’t have a professional photographer but the photos are lovely. Or my grandmother’s wedding, held at her parent’s house in the winter in Minnesota.

In this age of mandatory groom’s cakes, teeth bleaching, $5,000 floral budgets, etc…is it still possible to have a simple wedding? The wedding photos from my blog friend (and actual friend of a friend), A History of Architecture, say yes. I’m so inspired by her simple vintage style!

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  1. e at 9:13 pm

    thanks emily! it sure didn’t feel simple at the time. at a certain point, no matter how hard you plan, you have to let go and allow things to happen. as someone who doesn’t have much experience performing, it was both difficult and liberating to acknowledge the ‘mistakes’ and relish unexpected outcomes. i think enthusiasm and a sense of humor are the most important things anyone will need in planning a wedding.

    i hope you’re feeling better! darcy is still my favorite lovable curmudgeon.

  2. mrsem Author at 9:29 pm

    True! Sometimes the “simple” things are actually hardest to plan.

  3. Tonia Conger at 10:26 pm

    Emily, I kept min really simple. I just didn’t want that day to be about the flowers and the dress and everything else. I wanted it to be about the two of us which is really all that matters. Our reception was held at a historic building used as an office for an architectural firm. My flowers were all just wild flowers, i served pie and ice cream and lots of candy. and most importantly, I married a super rad boy and didn’t have a nervous breakdown.
    simple weddings are definitely possible.

  4. Katie at 2:59 pm

    It’s totally possible.

    We only spent $7500 total on our big day. That included my dress, our photographer, our awesome venue, dinner for 50 and a live band.

    Totally possible.

    Just pick what’s important and let the rest go.

  5. Jane Maynard at 10:37 pm

    love your mom’s dress!!!

    you can do it…I got married when I was 20 (gulp!)…but because of that I had no ideas about what my wedding should be, didn’t care about any of it, let my mom and aunt pretty much choose everything. if I got married now (8 years later) it sure would be a different wedding and I know I’d have much stronger ideas about what I want…but may not necessarily be BETTER. so, if you start to think complicated, just pretend you’re a dumb 20 year old crazy in love and clueless. 🙂 I wouldn’t change my wedding day for the world – it was the perfect day…