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  1. Karen at 2:44 pm

    EMILY!! I WON A PAIR OF SHOES!! 🙂 I’m so excited! Thanks for the site, love it

  2. Susan at 10:36 pm

    Hi! I came home today to find a package in the garage. The shoes! I had completely forgotten about entering.
    Thanks to you, I have cool new shoes 😉

  3. Emma at 5:13 am

    omg i won a t shirt! it came in the mail today. thanks for posting; i absolutely adore your blog!

  4. amy at 3:59 am

    Ha Ha, I love the comments on this one, all the winners! ME TOO, I’M A WINNER! I came home to a box at my front door & was so completely excited, it was as if I’d won a million bucks. Better because I forgot about it & moreso as I was getting ready to get new ones for the gym. Thank you!