Things I Love Today: Arch

Things I Love Today: Arch

I love finding an incredible new store in San Francisco. Today’s discovery is Arch on 18th and Missouri. This art supply/drafting store is so amazing.

There’s a cute little boston terrier named Otto who “works” there. They have all sorts of fantastic art and paper supplies, even those little model trees that I am now obsessed with buying and putting on my desk.

The also have a gift area that pretty much has the coolest things ever. Little wooden figures, totes, books, sculptures, soaps…everything. And you get a free tote bag with your purchase! To boot, they’re located across from a tofu/bean sprout factory and the whole street smells really good.

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  1. mamacita at 3:41 am

    Doesn’t it just make your day when you find a secret source like that? You feel like you’ve stumbled on Aladdin’s Cave!