Best Plan Ever!

Best Plan Ever!

I had to go downtown to pick up my new passport today. Usually, this is quite the trek. By bus, easily an hour and a half. By car, about an hour to drive, find parking, pay for parking, drive back and find parking at work. By taxi, at least 30 minutes and $14.

So Rob devised a plan to take our tandem bike from work to the passport office and back. We rocketed downtown, grabbed the passport and got back to work in about 15 minutes! I felt just like a bike messenger. So awesome!

As a side note, have you seen the design of the new passports? It is beyond patriotic, like something you’d find on a commemorative plate not a government document. Every page has a different pastoral scene (buffalos, cowboys, bears, etc) and a quote about freedom. The back is the view of America from the moon.

Don’t get me wrong, I love America to my core…it’s just going to be a bit awkward to flash a four inch, glittering bald eagle at the Paris customs desk. I don’t think they’ll be amused.

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  1. e at 11:18 pm

    oh what an awful passport design! talk about gaudy. now i’m depressed about getting a new one in three years.

  2. Anonymous at 3:11 pm

    Honestly, I don’t see what the big deal is. Why should it matter what other customs desk think when you whip out your shiny new passport? America may not be the greatest country but you need not be so ashamed.

  3. love.boxes at 4:03 pm

    Oh I clicked over to see the whole thing now.. not just the eagle page. I really, really like it.

  4. Alyssa Coberly at 5:24 pm

    i actually kinda like it – passports were pretty boring before :0) yes its a bit flashy but also very pretty and at least you will have something to look at while standing in line waiting for that france passport stamp :0)

  5. L. at 7:31 am

    Anonymous, I think being ashamed of America is completely different than being ashamed of a glittering bald eagle, as Emily clearly stated — I personally don’t dislike my aunt, I love her in fact, but I don’t understand her need for checks with bears tumbling over hearts on them. Different tastes, friend.

    Emily, I totally hear you.