Recipe: Spooky Antipasto Plate

Recipe: Spooky Antipasto Plate

Last night’s party prep went really well. We cooked and cleaned, stopping only briefly for the 5.6 magnitude earthquake. The chili and caramel apples came out perfectly and I have almost everything ready.

My favorite thing so far is the “spooky” antipasto plate. I found some great ingredients at Safeway for the tray:

Cacciatore Salame – There’s something sinister about these small salame sausages. They look like mummy fingers.
Red Windsor Cheese – Wine soaked cheddar has a veiny, purple appearance.
Cornichons – Warty little pickles.
Pickled Onions – They look like eyeballs.
Concord Grapes – I don’t know if I can find these, but they’d be perfect.

This would be fun to make even if you’re just planning to stay home on the couch tonight!

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  1. Southern Belle at 8:58 pm

    Concord grapes are only available during September and early October. I have had some luck finding them at Molly Stone’s in Greenbrae. Might be a pretty long drive for you though. Good luck with the party!