Introducing Wedding Wednesdays

Introducing Wedding Wednesdays

With nine months to go before the wedding, it is time to get serious about planning. I’ve decided to dedicate Wednesdays on the blog solely to the topic of weddings to aid in my organization.

All in all, I’ve got quite a bit done thus far:

  • Booked the facility and set the date (September 20th).
  • Picked out a (cheap and delicious) cake option.
  • Booked the caterer.
  • Hired a photographer/painter.
  • Designed my own centerpieces and purchases all the vases.
  • Recruited participants for the show & musician friends.
  • Started on invitation designs with Jordan.
  • Nearly finalized the invite list.

Here’s what I’ve still got to do:

  • Get my wedding dress cleaned and repaired.
  • Reserve a shuttle service between the ferry pier, parking lot and club.
  • Pick out bridesmaid dresses and suits for the men.
  • Have engagement photos taken.
  • Book a florist for the bouquets and boutonnières.
  • Plan for the photobooth feature.
  • Design the favors.
  • Update the wedding website.
  • Buy wedding bands.
  • Work out a million of the tiny details (guest book, veil, etc, etc, etc)
  • Register.
  • Plan a grand exit from the reception (so important!)
  • Plan the honeymoon.

This list actually makes me feel pretty good about where I stand!

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  1. Jamie at 7:06 pm

    I’m not sure what you’re planning to do for bridesmaid dresses (or how many BM’s you have), but I would do that right away! You want time to have your BMs get measured (I’m a major procrastinator about doing this when I’m in weddings and I know other people are as well), have the manufacturer order the dresses, have them come in, be delivered to all BMs and have them altered if needed… just saying…. the BM dresses for my wedding (Dec 06) were ordered in Mar 06 I think, so around the same time frame that you are at now.

  2. Tiffany at 2:51 pm

    Yay! I’m very excited for this feature, as I plan to live vicariously through you. Other than the person I married, I’d like to go back and change everything about my wedding. So, clearly, this will give me therapy. 🙂 You have such amazing style and taste, I can’t wait to see everything you come up with!

  3. Jenny at 1:05 am

    So I’ve been reading your blog for the past couple months and just wanted to say I’m addicted! And super excited hearing about all your wedding plans (I get to start planning mine soon!!). I just love how classy you and all your posts are, makes me remember what I aspire to be!
    Thank you for your inspiration!