What to Wear: Cropped Cardigan

What to Wear: Cropped Cardigan

How to look cute and casual in the winter without appearing to be an eskimo? It’s a dilemma I’ve been facing these past few weeks myself. Here is Karen’s request:

I just bought this sweater and what I’m worried about is finding something fabulous to wear with it. I have this vision of cute jeans, but what to wear underneath it? Tank top? long sleeve top? More casual? Not so casual? I’m going on a date on Friday and I want to look put together, but not too dressed up, since we are just meeting up for dinner and drinks. I have long dirty blonde hair, fair skin, tall (5’9), and a size 12.

Layering! That’s the ticket! I did a post in November with a similar sweater and a dress, it’s a little fancy for a casual date though.

Sweater – So pretty! This type of standing collar is so flattering and romantic.
Long Sleeved Tee – V-neck to show a bit of skin but still be warm. It’s not innovative, but very flattering and versatile.
Jeans – Your best “I’m a supermodel” pair.
Pumps – A sexy black pair.
Necklace – A long necklace unifies the cropped sweater with the rest of the silhouette. Not sure what “Moroccan rhinestones” are.
Purse – Adorably from Target. Reader Melinda sent in a question about this one recently.
Sunglasses – On a Friday night? If you’re super tough like me 😉
Coat – Not pictured, but fab, French and only $129.

Knock him dead on your date!

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  1. Nicki at 10:51 pm

    Hi Emily

    You did the outfit with that sweater in November for me! The outfit was a hit, and when I wear the sweater separately I get tons of compliments.

    Thanks again!

  2. Rose at 4:48 pm

    I love it Emily!! I have that little sweater from Anthro and I love it! 🙂

  3. Karen at 7:25 pm

    Thanks Emily! 🙂 I did knock him dead hahaha

    LOVE this sweater! At times I do feel like saying “where’s the rest of my sweater”, but then I get over it and love it!