Restaurant Review: Waterbar

Restaurant Review: Waterbar

Another day, another business dinner. We went to Waterbar (which unfortunately sounds a lot like Waterboard) last night for a nine o’clock dinner reservation.

Before dinner, Rob and I went with Margaret to a 5 C’s (The Claremont Colleges) meet-up at an Irish bar/Indian restaurant in North Beach called Kennedy’s Irish Pub & Curry House. It was a great time and we had the best Russian cab driver on our way to our second destination.

So…Waterbar…eh. I wasn’t that into it. It has a great view of the Bay Bridge and some giant fish tanks in the middle of the room. Beyond that, it seemed like “Red Lobster goes to Vegas.” Overpriced, over-hyped, crowded. I had the cured tuna (way too salty) and half a wood-fire roasted crab. My myer lemon creme brulee wasn’t worth the calories.

If you want good seafood in San Francisco, I recommend Catch or Woodhouse Fish Company instead.

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  1. Sam at 5:12 pm

    I went there for lunch last saturday. It was ok, not astounding. Myself and friend were laughing because our favorite things were the vegetable accompaniments to the dishes we chose. I like the free sparkling water, and the view. Service was really nice. It was twice as good as Epic next door though!

  2. Sam at 6:28 pm

    PS – love kennedy’s too – have had many a fun evening there.

  3. Betsy at 6:50 pm

    Steve and I live two blocks from this place and were debating trying it…so glad I read this first!