Wedding Wednesday: First Registry Package

Wedding Wednesday: First Registry Package

Just in time for Wedding Wednesday, I received my first place setting of china in the mail! Rob ordered this for my Valentine’s Day gift.

In true Gump’s fashion, each piece came meticulously wrapped in folded tissue paper and bubble wrap with circles of gray felt to protect from scratching. Those ladies in the wrapping basement really know what they’re doing. And the gift card enclosed was printed up on a typewriter! I can’t wait to bring it home and take glamour shots for our registry photos.

Now we just need to buy a china cabinet to house our new goodies. Any suggestions?

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  1. katek at 10:09 pm

    Ok, wow. I was all pleased with my choice to just get plain bone china from CB and not register for silver or porcelain (I got loads of kitchen gear instead, and you know I use it!) but now I feeling total registry lust. That is stunning, as is the silver. We do have a good amount of silver coming to us from our mothers, but…

    Also, how incredibly sweet of Rob that was. I gave a big Awww when I read it on V-day.

  2. Anne at 1:19 am

    Wait, tissue paper, bubble wrap AND felt? I hate to be a party pooper and it is absolutely gorgeous, but isn’t that incredibly wasteful? Maybe my china was less fancy, but at least it came packed in recyclable paper packing material. What are you going to do with so many place settings worth of bubble wrap, felt etc?

  3. Anonymous at 3:15 am

    I’d suggest looking for a gently used antique china hutch. Ours was my husband’s mother’s. It is beautiful and classic. Now-adays it is so hard to find beautiful pieces made of solid wood that are affordable. A hutch that someone else lovingly cared for in the past might be just the ticket–full of love and character.