Weekend Round-Up: Fleet Week

Weekend Round-Up: Fleet Week

I was exhausted after a long week of conferences and took it easy this weekend. Not all that easy with it being Fleet Week – the action came to me.

Casual dinner at home with Rob on Friday night, followed by a relaxing breakfast in the morning. He headed off to work in the morning and I spent the morning making salsa with a few pounds of tomatoes and chilies left over from farmer’s market last weekend.

At lunch, Margaret came over and we dashed down to the water to see the six Blue Angels flying and doing daredevil tricks all over the city.

From there, Margaret and I walked up to Ferry Building for a sweet snack from Miette Bakery. And then the first photo in a series featuring my single friends with the visiting military in town.

We went for a quick shopping trip in the Embarcadero center. Super deals on basic sweaters, t-shirts and tights at Banana Republic and Gap. On the way home, we stopped for another quick photo:

Rob returned home in late afternoon and we walked over to Yerba Buena for dinner. Sushi at Sanraku and then tickets to The Social Network. Good film, but a bit of a surreal experience with all three of us working in internet startups. Home to end the evening and send Margaret off with her day’s purchases.

Nice breakfast to start Sunday morning. Rob and I had coffee, cereal, yogurt and melon along with the paper. Off again early for poor Rob – he’ll have to keep up this schedule for a couple months. I spent the morning working, planning the next three (3!) weekends of parties and exercising for a few hours.

At 1:30, friends invited me out to watch the Giants game at Pete’s Tavern. Great game with a late comeback for a lot of excitement. One final chance for my single ladies to meet a few military men:

Back home with a quick detour to Jeremy’s where I found a pretty new tunic for work. Rob arrived at home and we had a light supper to end our long day.

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