What to Wear: New for Spring

What to Wear: New for Spring

I’m taking off early today to go shopping with a friend. Along with testing bridesmaid dresses, I am cautiously allowing myself to stock up on a couple new basics for spring. It seems that every time I’ve even thought about shopping in the last six months, I’ve come home with an expensive dress. Not exactly good for my savings regiment. Here’s what is on my list:

White Trousers – To replace my old favorites.
Black Trousers – I haven’t had a good pair of these in years.
Ruffled Tops – So fresh for spring in both neutrals and bright patterns.
Bag – My navy Nine West bargain bag is falling apart. Time for something new.

What are you stocking up on for spring?

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  1. natalie at 4:03 pm

    I just bought the best pair of white trouser jeans from JCrew. I know they aren’t white dress pants, but they look pretty classy!

  2. michelle at 4:17 pm

    I’m trying to keep the shopping demons in check by buying only professional clothing that I really need. So that means tailored separates like button down blouses, thin silk sweaters, skirts, and pants. Not too exciting, but it’s stuff I need.

  3. Jessica at 4:27 pm

    We’re going shopping this weekend actually. And if you can believe it, at the suggestion of my husband! I’m hoping to find some good khakis, both long and short sleeve white button down shirts, a couple of casual tees, a couple of casual blousy tops for spring weather, and perhaps some straight leg jeans. Oh, and I need some athletic wear for my new walking regiment. And I could really use a new purse too.

    Hmm. Guess I should have gone to work today with as much stuff as I think I need to buy, ha.

  4. E at 4:44 pm

    emily- i LOVE all of those tops! can you post the links to them? pretty please?… 🙂

  5. Tanya at 5:14 pm

    I always find that spring/summer clothes dont hold up nearly as well from year to year as the nice wools and cashmeres of fall/winter and end up doing a huge buy every spring.

    I actually had quite a bit of luck at the outlets last week: black sheath dress; black and dove grey pencil skirts; super soft flyaway cardigan, sleeveless black and camel turtlenecks; 3 puffed-sleeve blouses–a white with cute double button detail at waist a white with black patent skinny belt, and a beautiful black and cream silk chrysanthemum print; and I restocked basic tees at Old Navy, polos at (duh) Polo and oxfords at Brooks Brothers.

    My favorite go-to work black work trousers are $25 at Old Navy this week. Yes, Old Navy!!

    They fit like a dream and are machine washable, which is beautiful for my dry cleaning bill! I work in the restaurant industry and although Im in a office position now, I swear by these pants and have 3 pairs. They are low enough rise to be fashionable, but not so low you feel exposed, the leg is flared enough to be hip but not ridiculous…they have belt loops, front slash pockets and back flaps that are flattering to the bum…and they come in petite and long lengths. I know you are a huge Theory fan, but for those of us on a more modest budget, I give these pants my unqualified endorsement!!


    If that doesnt work, they are called the womens essential classic rise trousers.

  6. Kim at 6:19 pm

    I Really Need a new purse. Really. It’s bad. But I’m so picky, and I know *exactly* what I want…so naturally, I can’t find it anywhere.

    Something neutral (preferably brown leather), big enough to hold normal purse junk, not too big, no weird embellishments or buckles/chains (so popular now for some reason)…help!

  7. mrsem Author at 7:04 pm

    The shirts are from FCUK (on the outside) and BCGB (inside). They’re kind of expensive though…planning on getting something similar from H&M or Zara.

  8. Sara at 7:10 pm

    oh fun!

    today we woke up to the first day of spring greeted by snow! it is a holiday in Switzerland but not in France which means we are off of work but the shops are still open, the best combination. To celebrate spring I picked up my first ever pair of expensive sunglasses, now all that has to happen is the sun.