To Do: Marine Memorial Club

To Do: Marine Memorial Club

What happened to this week?! Oh, right. Lady Gaga, friends moving away (nooo!) and a crazy, but exciting amount of work.

If the cold weather continues this weekend, I’m tempted to decamp to the Marine Memorial Club. A friend who is a veteran recently introduced me to this hidden gem in the city. A club, hotel, theater, memorial and restaurant, it’s the private hideaway that you dream about. The library on an upper floor is even complete with fireplace, big leather chairs and gilded ceiling.

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  1. Meg at 9:59 pm

    My parents had their wedding reception there (and one of my grandfathers is a founding member, though both were members). I drank many shirly temples there when my feet didn't touch the floor in my chair.

    It was built by a group of Marine's after memorials were put up for WWII in DC, memorials that they felt did nothing for the living, so they built the club. It's in memory of those who died, but for those who lived (like my grandfather).

    The bar has some really old bottles of booze in cases, marked things like, "For the last living member of the 77th airborne that served in Germany during the war."