Holiday Party No. 2: Cozy Christmas Tree Decorating

Holiday Party No. 2: Cozy Christmas Tree Decorating

Today’s holiday party brainstorm is a dinner party in disguise. Rob and I have a tradition of walking over to the neighborhood Christmas tree lot and bringing back a tree to decorate with a few friends. No elaborate invitations or decor required – just a festive night around the tree.

Guests. A couple close friends or relatives. It’s nice to invite people who aren’t going to put up a tree of their own for Christmas.

Decor. A fresh pine tree, Christmas ornaments, twinkle lights, a fire in the fireplace and holiday tunes on Spotify.

Menu. I haven’t made it before, but the Hungarian red potato goulash recipe from the Cozy Apron looks amazing and would be easy to serve up in bowls in the living room. You don’t really need a fancy dessert after that, maybe some chocolate covered almonds or baked apples. Groceries will only be about $15.

Drinks. Cold bottles of dark beer would be a good compliment to the goulash. My favorite is the annual Anchor Steam Christmas Ale. You can even buy it in a festive magnum champagne bottle for $16. If beer isn’t your taste, warm up some mulled wine with oranges, cinnamon and cloves.

Activity. Decorating the tree, of course!  Our tradition includes a big reveal as we untie the tree for the first time.  Taking glamour shots lit with the flattering glow from Christmas lights is another must-do.

Total Budget. Around $30 for food and drinks for about five people, plus a Christmas tree and a log for the fire. 

All photos and details available on the Holiday Party Pinterest board.

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