Hooray for Bike Paths!

It’s a very exciting time in the city for bike riders. The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition just won a long legal battle and is kicking off a massive installation of safe, fast bike routes across the city. Rob and I were invited to attended a kick-off fundraiser for these new lanes on Thursday night. So inspiring!

The SFBC is aiming to make our city as bike-friendly for riders of all ages as Copenhagen. And if you’re not sure just how cool that would be, take a peek at Denmark:
Cycling Copenhagen, Through North American Eyes from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

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  1. Anonymous at 2:17 pm

    That is great! I love biking in Copenhagen, you can go anywhere without being afraid of cars or pedestrians, or fellow bikers. I also bike in Stockholm, which is not nearly as enjoyable since you always have to look out for cars (I have actually been hit 3 times by cars turning right while I was biking on the bike lane!), pedestrians who suddenly walk in the bike lanes then get angry when you ring your bell to warn them) and bikers who seem to have no concept of normal bike safety (like don't bike against the bike lane, check before you turn left, signal turns and stops and respect the traffic lights if they are to your right). I wish the SF bike coallition all the best!