Weekend Round-Up: Preparation

Weekend Round-Up: Preparation

What a weekend! For a few days that I had planned to devote to the last wedding chores, we certainly managed to pack in some excitement.

On Friday night, we rode our bike home from work, ate dinner and took the car over to Twin Peaks to see our friend perform with the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band. The guest conductor came from the Golden Gate Park Band and they did a suite of eight pieces. It was really great! Back at home, the wedding freak-out finally hit Rob and he spent the rest of the night packing for the honeymoon.

Major laziness on Saturday morning. Breakfast of coffee, oatmeal, turkey bacon and nectarines. I made the seating chart and the parking sign for the wedding while watching the political news shows. Jordan dropped by at 12:30 with the programs. We finally dressed and walked down the post office in the Castro to pick up a package (by then the office was already closed), to the bookstore to buy a journal and to the hair salon to make an appointment for Rob.

Margaret came over at 4:00, we did a test of my wedding make-up and then grabbed some pizza before Rob’s N.E.R.T. drill. We watched them set up a command center and then volunteered to bring in “incidents” (people trapped at Safeway, train derailment, collapsed building, etc) for them to investigate and report. Brr…I’m glad it wasn’t a real catastrophe and that we could leave at 8:30 for tea and warm brownies at home.

Our plan was to stay up to watch the start of SNL that evening. But we were all feeling a bit drowsy…when all the sudden Rob calmly announced “EMERGENCY” and we looked over to see blood dripping on the floor. He had cut his finger pretty badly while sharpening his pocketknife. After a few minutes of watching it bleed, we decided to head to the emergency room. It’s just up the block and Margaret dropped us off.

Midnight on Saturday at the emergency room. Luckily, we had two very nice nurses and a great doctor keeping an eye on us in the crowd. Rob ended up with four stitches (his first ever!). The doctor gave us the tools to remove them ourselves next week as a “wedding present;” he jokingly apologized for them being stainless instead of sterling. We walked home at 1:30 and crashed into bed.

Up at 9:00 the next morning to do more cleaning and prep. Breakfast of egg tacos and coffee. Rob had his hair appointment at Every 6 Weeks at noon. We quickly took the car out to pick up some wedding stuff from the office and returned home. Most of the apartment is clean and ready for the LAC party on Tuesday, but the bedroom is getting a little nuts. It now holds six cases of wine, three cases of limonata, two wedding dresses, three misc. boxes of supplies, two feather fans (being well modeled by Rob in front of our laundry and unmade bed) and four boxes of gear for the honeymoon.

In the afternoon, I launched into the escort card project and we did four loads at the laundromat. It hardly took anytime at all to write a short note to each guest on the back of the cards. We have so many people to thank for so many reasons! Margaret came over at 7:00 to join us for an Indian dinner at Rotee on Haight (mmm…tandoori chicken). Back at home, we ran through the wedding binder details. To bed at 11:00.

I woke up this morning feeling so excited for the week ahead. Like a combination of Christmas, prom, vacation and graduation all in one!

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  1. Anonymous at 6:17 pm

    where oh where did you get the great feather fans??

  2. katek at 7:29 pm

    Wheee! The wedding week really is a blast. Try to spend a few minutes each day just soaking it in and enjoying being surrounded by many of the most important people in your life. It’s been fun watching you plan, ever since the engagement.

  3. Jenny M at 7:51 pm

    So exciting!!! I remember the weekend before my wedding- I think I had a bridezilla moment when I went to try on my dress, and the alterations lady gave me Madonna style cone boobs! Oh the memories… it all turned out lovely though. I love my CD by the way! S’wonderful! Thank you!