Wedding Day! Ceremony Details

Wedding Day! Ceremony Details

I was so happy with the way the ceremony went! Our friend, Ken, was the officiant. My mom wrote the introduction about the importance of trust in a marriage and how we have trusted each other over the years. Here’s an excerpt:

Trust seems to be key to maintaining long term relationships. Trust that the relationship can survive the inevitable bumps that living together creates, trust that the partner truly has faith that these collisions are only minor scrapes and that in times of real trouble the other person will be there to love and share. Trust that each will create opportunities for the other to soar towards their personal goals in both shared and individual activities. Trust that there will be times of great joy.

They have shared the excitement and challenges of traveling in remote locations as well as the daily pleasures of sharing meals and long walks. All of this has prepared them for their union. Now they will, in this gathering, commit to supporting each other through unforeseen experiences in the years ahead.

My friend, Sarah, read Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet LXIX next. Then, we had Ken read short letters that Rob and I had written to each other. This was such a touching part! And I think where I had to share my handkerchief with Rob. Poor guy was so nervous and sentimental during the ceremony.

After the letters, our pianist’s wife – a very talented singer – sang The Very Thought of You. An unexpected and lovely song. And while it was sung, I finally had a chance to look around at the sunny day and our happy guests.

Next up, the “I Do’s” and the ring exchange. I’m not a big fan of a bride and groom reciting vows whispered into their ears by officiants at weddings, it seems somewhat forced. Instead, we memorized the short line “This ring is a token of my love. I marry you with this ring, with all that I have and all that I am.” I accidentally put Rob’s ring on the wrong hand. Ken gave a little blessing at the end and we sealed it with a kiss!

On Monday, all sorts of details about the reception and show…

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  1. Yvi at 4:24 pm

    Everything looks so beautiful. I’m so happy for you. Looking forward to Monday for the details.