What to Wear: Fall Basics

What to Wear: Fall Basics

Dressing in “outdoorsy mode” from a rotating selection of 10 pieces for the last month has put me in a bit of a fashion funk back at home. Combine that with the recession, which is boosting my very cheap, anti-spend-on-anything-including-clothes side, and I’m feeling a little shabby for fall.

I saw a woman in my neighborhood wearing something along these lines and knew that I would have to do at least some stocking up:

Blouse – I’ve been pining for the perfect white shirt for a while now. This woman had an oversized version belted.
Jeans – I only buy about one pair a year, it’s time for a refresh.
Coat – I probably have too many coats…but I could use a versatile blazer.
Earrings – Add a pop of color.
Boots – I love the look of these almost flat, wedge boots from BCBG. But I think they’re too wide for my twiggy calves and I’d prefer a zipper. The hunt continues!
Bag – I love my inexpensive yellow purse.
Sunglasses – Aviators always help me feel tough.

What must-haves are on your shopping list?

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  1. Lucci at 6:50 pm

    Welcome Back! My current must have is the Velvet Ecole Jacket from JCrew. It’s so versatile and can be worn during the fall and into those cold winter days here in Washington, DC

  2. Jessica at 7:06 pm

    I have yet to find boots to fit my small calves. Have you had success with any particular brands or designers?

  3. Mimi at 9:18 pm

    Jessica, I have the same problem. Ugh!
    This fall, I found a pair of black Biviel calf boots at DSW that fit my calves perfectly. I’ve also had good luck with Diba leather calf boots.

  4. suneeta at 9:21 pm

    Welcome back! I found the best boots last year. They are by La Canadienne and I got them at Zappos but they are also available at Piperlime. At Zappos, they list each boot’s height and calf circumference which is a great help. Also all the boots are leather and suede and waterproof and so comfy!

  5. mrsem Author at 9:21 pm

    Vintage boots and boots from France seem to be the best for skinny legs. I’ve also found some skinny options using Piperlime’s measurement.

    And you can also have a cobbler cut down or expand a pair of favorite leather boots.

  6. Tonia Conger at 4:13 am

    I’ve been looking for a contemporary/slouchy plaid shirt. I love the look of a belted oversized plaid shirt with dark wash skinny jeans. Oh, and some skinny jeans, too. But only after I lose another 15 pounds. And the perfect brown slouch boots…which I can never find.

  7. Julie at 4:43 pm

    Love the outfit! Funny, when I clicked over to the boots, I thought they would be too skinny for my calves!

    Thanks for all the wedding stuff. Congrats on pulling off the perfect celebration.

  8. Anonymous at 11:37 pm

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a cobbler that can cut down boots well in San Francisco?