Weekly Resolution: Go Red

Weekly Resolution: Go Red

I find it easiest to set and stick to resolutions one week at a time. The good ones last beyond seven days. So, I’ve decided to share my weekly resolutions with you. We can all play along!

This week: I’m wearing bright lipstick every day. Red lipstick is an easy way to liven up any workday morning. And if you have blue eyes, they really shine with a touch of red.

I use CoverGirl Outlast #525. I bought it for the wedding and have become a fan. Watch out though, it can be pretty drying so you’ll want to have chapstick on hand at night.

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  1. Yvi at 5:02 pm

    I had the same resolution this weekend, but for my hair, which is very red now.

  2. Broke-ass Bride at 1:14 am

    I went through a year of red, and loved it. When I toned it down, my male friend joked that I was suddenly less glamorous! Love love love red lips!

  3. WestAussieWedding at 2:20 am

    I always want to wear red lipstick.. I love it on other people.. but when I put it on I look like a 5 year old who has been playing with Mummy’s makeup!! for some reason I just cant pull it off.. that photo you have posted has inspired me to keep trying though..

  4. mrsem Author at 3:47 am

    Two easy tips for WAW: try a shade that is a little off from true bright red. And give it five minutes before deciding to take it off, sometimes it “sets in.”