What I’ve Bought: Denim Dress

What I’ve Bought: Denim Dress

Oops, my upload of honeymoon photos from Yellowstone and Wyoming didn’t go through last night. So let’s take yet another quick break from the recap. I have a hodge podge of things I’ve been saving up to share with you.

First, I have pretty much completely stopped shopping. It’s due to a combination of having way too much stuff from the wedding and being freaked out about the economy. The one thing I’ve bought for fall is this $88 denim dress from Boden.

I love a good denim dress. I have a wrap version from Banana Republic that I’ve been rocking for several years. They’re so versatile. The ease of jeans with the polish of a dress. I’m wearing mine today with a pair of red flats to match the red velvet trim on the collar. Oh, and this one has pockets, which is always good.

One warning though: the comments about this dress being hard to get off are completely true. You’ll need the buddy system to peel out since there are no zippers. If you’re handy with a sewing machine, you could probably put one in.

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  1. Marla at 10:45 pm

    do you get this in the black or the denim…i was hoping the denim blue would be a little bit darker….

  2. mrsem Author at 10:50 pm

    Me too! I bought it in black. It’s a tiny bit lighter than in the photo of the model, but not as light as the flat dress photo.