Honeymoon: Sundance

Honeymoon: Sundance

Enough politics! I’ve got a whopping “hangover for change” this morning. Let’s get back to the honeymoon recap.

After our quick stay in Salt Lake City, we checked into the Sundance Resort for five days. A friend who worked for the catalog hooked us up with a deal on a fantastic cabin; bigger than our apartment back home! We very much went into “relaxation” mode at this point. Lots of time spent lounging in bathrobes next to the iron stove in the living room and soaking in the jacuzzi tub.

In between doing nothing, we took on a few adventures. I went downhill mountain biking for the first time. And did fairly well for someone who only barely knows how to ride a bike! I rewarded my survival with a trip to the spa for a honey cornmeal body treatment.

We also went kayaking on the Provo River, which was full of fall color and fly fishermen.

We ate dinner most nights at the Owl Bar, had one fancy dinner at the Tree Room and also went to Timpanogos Caves while staying at Sundance. On Sunday morning, we checked out and drove out of Utah toward Yellowstone.

You can see all our photos from San Francisco through Utah here.

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  1. blue moss at 4:03 am

    stumbled on your blog…cnagrats on your wedding…sundance must have been a fabulous place for a honeymoon…..my sister took me there for one of my big birthdays…..loved it so much….want to take my husband back someday…