To Do: Tweed Ride

To Do: Tweed Ride

Rob and I had a fun little adventure last night. The Tweed Ride hit the streets again! This ride started in Dolores Park for a video shoot with a bike polo dance troupe. It was quite funny to see everyone dressed to the nines (including Gary Fisher, inventor of the mountain bike) acting out crowd reaction shots.

Once the shoot ended, the whole group rode around the mission with lots of bike bells going and “tally-ho”s. Priceless, happy looks from surprised pedestrians as the dapper group rode by.

We eventually landed at the Bicycle Coalition’s Bike-in Movie Night across from the Good Hotel on 7th. This event brought together a variety of street food vendors with about 1,000 bikes – all to see Les Triplettes de Belleville. For food, I spotted carts selling lumpia, escargo, adobo, cookies, pies, chai, gumbo, creme brulee, grilled cheese and thai curry at least.

Shortly after eight, the movie started to play to a packed house. Luckily, it was warm evening in the city. We didn’t have to even bundle up. Strange, but fun film.

Rob and I rode home on the bike at 10pm. You can see all my photos from the night online.

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  1. genevieve at 8:45 pm

    Adobo and lumpia are like the national dishes of the Philippines. They're the perfect street food! I'll have to bring my bike to the next event. FUN!