Recipe: Sausage Hash

Recipe: Sausage Hash

Inspired by Lizzie, I made an enormous hash for dinner Tuesday. Nothing better than a hearty breakfast meal when you’re hungry on a cold winter night. Pure decadence:

Sausage Hash with Fried Egg
Serves three

1 lb of tiny new potatoes
3 jalapeno chicken sausages, diced
1/4 onion, diced
3 eggs
6 slices of buttered sourdough baguette
Salted butter

Put on the potatoes to steam over boiling water in a covered pot for about 6 minutes. Preheat the oven to 350. In the meantime, brown the sausage and onion in a large skillet pan. Drain the potatoes when cooked (fork tender) and cut into small pieces. Add the potatoes to the pan with the sausage and top with about 1/4 cup of water or broth, simmer.

While the potatoes and sausage are mingling, add the baguette slices to the oven on a baking sheet. Fry up three eggs in a small pan with a bit of butter – I prefer over hard. When the eggs are finished, the hash should have cooked down. Serve the hash topped with one egg and a bit of pepper in a bowl, toast on the side.

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  1. Lizzy at 5:11 pm

    Thanks for the shout out, Emily! Your hash looks and sounds great. One of my favorite comfort foods.