To Do: The Dolphin Club

To Do: The Dolphin Club

Another little waterfront gem to add to my new “life aquatic!”

Since 1877, The Dolphin Club has been rowing and swimming in San Francisco Bay. The club is located right on Aquatic Park and offers rowboats, kayaks, swim programs, saunas, a weight room, lounges and a second facility at Lake Merced.

For $6.50 a day or $40 a month, you can drop in to use the facility.

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  1. genevieve at 7:25 pm

    This post just reminded me that I wanted to look into the rowing club again, and relive my high school and college rowing days. Thanks Emily!!

  2. Jesse Lu at 4:06 am

    As a kid, my best friend's dad was a member at the Dolphin's Club… I could never get over the fact that he would walk straight into the freeeeeeezing water to go for a dip. Brrrrr. Are you going swimming or rowing?