Weekend Round-Up: Girls and Boys

Weekend Round-Up: Girls and Boys

This weekend was certainly a mixed bag. It started Friday with an accidental party at our apartment. Rob and I were both out with our respective colleagues after work and decided to bring a few back to the apartment…which, through the magic of addition, turned into a rager with about 15 people. We drank, ate, sang karaoke in the unfinished den and generally caused mayhem until late.

Lazy morning the next day. Rob and I had coffee and cereal for breakfast, did some laundry and cleaned up from the party. At noon, I dressed up to meet Margaret at city hall for an early matinee. We picked up our Swan Lake tickets and had a snack in the basement of the Opera House before the show. Lots of great people watching with little girls in their best party dresses for the show. Four acts, two intermissions and two and a half hours of beautiful dancing.

After the show, I had just enough time to take the train home and change before Rob and I met up with some friends from work for the AMA Supercross race at the ballpark. Talk about shifting gears! We had great seats, about 10 rows back from one of the biggest jumps. And I have to admit – it was pretty fun to watch despite being a bit turned off by the stadium full of angry, punch-y, high-testosterone fans.

Another lazy morning the next day. Rob and I had toast, bacon and coffee for breakfast. Rob went for a bike ride and I walked down to Jeremy’s for a little shopping. I found a floral print shirtdress from Theory and a ridiculous hat inspired by all the BBC I’ve been watching lately.

And I finally got a chance to see South Park – adorable! In the afternoon, Rob and I drove over to Russian Hill to see Paul Ferney’s solo show at Studio Gallery. The event was packed and Paul had already sold quite a few pieces. Well done!

A big run to Trader Joe’s after the gallery. Back at home, Rob and I had an enormous chicken taco dinner to cap the weekend.

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  1. mgbwood at 6:32 pm

    Oh, the hat is hardly ridiculous, it's charming! With Spring nearly upon us, we'd all be smart to show up about town looking a little dressier with a retro kick! Nothing like a fetching new hat and spring dress to shake off any lingering winter blues!

  2. bex at 8:43 pm

    living within walking distance of Jeremy's would be the death of my bank account.