Vote for a Vacation for Kate!

Vote for a Vacation for Kate!

The lovely Kate Flaim (Girl Reporter) is campaigning to win a vacation at an amazing 100-year old camp resort called RDC out by a lake in New Hampshire.

If you’re not familiar with Kate, she’s a fantastic blogger with all kinds of inspiring recipes and she’s expecting a baby this summer. RDC looks like an absolutely amazing spot for a relaxing pre-baby retreat!

Vote here for Kate!

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  1. Kate F. at 2:38 pm

    Oh Emily, thank you!! You would go crazy for RDC; it's way comfier than real camping but has that great camp feel. And the opportunities for great little "what to wear" outfits are, in theory at least, endless. In reality you spend 90% of your time in the lake or kayaking, so it's more like swimsuit and, maybe, shorts.