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  1. Rachel at 6:21 pm

    I loved it too! I wasn't totally sure for the first few chapters, but it sucked me right in.

  2. Anonymous at 6:54 pm

    No matter how you enjoy it and in which language, Muriel Barbery's book is great (in my opinion!).
    We listened to it "en famille" as an audiobook in German on a long car trip to Brittany, then saw the movie in French while we were there last summer and I picked the book up to read "properly", too, it's just got a certain charm, right?! One for Amélie fans, I think.
    I shall be curious to see/hear/read it in English (my mothertongue) and see if it lost anything in translation, as the German was really well done…

  3. Caroline at 2:31 am

    thank you for reminding me it's in my pile of books to be read..I'm starting it now. I also bought The Potato Peel Pie Society or some such title at the same time..and it was a lovely English read..try it if you haven't ..I think it's your "sensibility" 🙂