Weekend Round-Up: Downtown

Weekend Round-Up: Downtown

Rob left this weekend for a very exciting ride – he was invited by a pro-bike team to participate ahead of the first three stages of Tour de California. So proud of him! But that meant he had to leave this weekend and he took the car with him. With it being blustery and my cold still lingering – I stuck close to home.

On Saturday morning, I relaxed with coffee and nutella on toast while doing some chores. At noon, Amber met me for brunch down at Butler & Chef on South Park. They make a mean eggs benedict and are one of one of Alice Water’s favorite restaurants. We had a nice meal and talked about our careers.

Armed with supplies from the market, I came home and cooked up a storm after lunch. I made a big spanish meal to take to my cousin with a new baby. Tortilla Espanola, sofrito, lemon olives, a green salad and -non-authentic – oatmeal cookies. I took the train to meet my brand new second cousin that afternoon.

(cell phone photos because my beloved digital camera has broken after 5 strenous years)

Margaret came over around eight. We had plans to go out to a cafe downtown for some jazz but ended up staying in with a bottle of wine. I made her a cozy bed downstairs and she spent the night.

On Sunday morning, Margaret and I had a relaxing morning before heading over to SFMOMA. With our new neighborhood, I invested in an annual membership. They had a series of new exhibits celebrating their 75th anniversary – including a great wall of San Francisco-themed art.

We had lunch at the museum cafe and hit up the gift shop – one of the best stores in the city! Home for some tea and time with the Sunday paper. Margaret and I headed out again in the afternoon for a trip to TJ Max and Whole Foods. Wine, cheese and crackers back at the apartment for dinner. Margaret drove home in the evening and I prepped for a busy week ahead.

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