Weekend Round-Up: Rock Stars

Weekend Round-Up: Rock Stars

This was a fun and relaxing weekend, a much needed break from last week’s work-a-palooza. On Friday night, I walked over to meet Rob and our old co-workers for a going away party at Schroeder’s. We drank beer from large steins and shared plates of sausage, cabbage, potato pancakes and pickled herring at this classic German spot.
Mellow morning the next day as the result of too much German-ing, Rob and I had coffee and lazed about. At lunch, we got the car out to drive to Ocean Beach. A stop at Sloat Nursery for plants and then toasted subs for lunch at Java Beach Cafe.

I installed the plants in their new homes in the afternoon. My poor garden was looking so bare from the months of frost and hail.

A quiet night at home with Thai food delivery and bad movies on Netflix.
The next morning, we got up and motivated pretty early. Drove across the bridge for a hike out through Tennessee Valley. Super windy all the way there, but perfect at the beach.
After a picnic lunch, we spent some time making collections out of the tiny green and red rocks and shells on the beach.

We swung by Margaret’s on the way home and picked her up. To the store for new video games, I had a craving for karaoke. At 4:30, time to walk to the movies. Margaret and I met with Elizabeth to see Bill Cunningham New York. Such a wonderful film!
After the movie, back home for a night of Def Jam Rapstar. Three hours of rapping the tunez, with only the shortest breaks for dinner. A great workout and a whole lot of fun. We got a few “off the chain” honors!

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