Ladies Activity Club: Scherenschnitte

Ladies Activity Club: Scherenschnitte

I missed my first ever Ladies Activity Club party this week 🙁 Until this nasty cold came along, I had perfect attendance. And it looks like I skipped a really good one, too.

Rebecca hosted everyone for a night of Scherenschnitte, aka German paper cutting. Very impressive work, ladies! You can see her whole party round up online.

In the meantime, I’m gearing up for the LAC’s 2-year anniversary party in September! Last year, we painted picture frames and I gave out pencils as party favors. What should I do to celebrate this year?

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  1. bex at 6:41 am

    we missed you, em! it was a good party.

    maybe we all get matching grills that say LAC on them? sounds about right for a second anniversary