Weekend Round-Up: Summer

Weekend Round-Up: Summer

I spent Friday at work volunteering, vigorously landscaping a vegetable garden for a children’s community center. By the time I got back to the office and through the company Oktoberfest party, I was pretty spent. Rob and I walked to the cinema and saw The Guard. Good movie!

Lazy day on Saturday. Rob left early for a mountain bike ride down south with friends. I caught up on New Yorkers, had a bath and walked to town for a little shopping. First round, I hit up Macy’s for a new set of baking pans. Back home with the -heavy!- pans for lunch and a bit of cabinet organization. Then, back downtown to shop for gifts at Gump’s and L’Occitane. It was just too nice out to stay indoors.

While walking back, I stumbled across a big US Open event being held by American Express at Yerba Buena gardens. Free iced tea and gourmet salads plus comfy outdoor couches to sit and watch a few sets. Back at home, I read the Saturday papers and then worked on the garden for a bit. Rob returned home and I made a big dinner and a cake using our new oven.
Up early on Sunday morning to read the paper and reflect on the 9/11 anniversary. Rob and I had coffee and hit the road at 9:30. We picked up Margaret and drove to Davis for a combination going-away and birthday party for our friend, Jackie. Brunch at Cafe Bernado and then over to Folsom for kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding on the reservoir. After spending a lovely hour on the water, we drove to the foothills for wine tasting at Boeger Winery.

The carrot cake pictured here was decimated just a few minutes later! Perfect weather and a lush garden to enjoy at the winery. Back to Davis for dinner together at a local Thai restaurant. We feasted and said our goodbyes, for now, since they’re moving to Atlanta in just a few days. 🙁
Margaret, Rob and I drove back to the city. Dropped Margaret off at home and then crashed into bed, exhausted.

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