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  1. Katie at 4:44 pm

    Those branches are nuts in the best possible way! We're nowhere near spring, but I can't wait to find something similar come March/April.

    Hey, where did you find your wine rack? I really like it. Your new chairs look good, too.

  2. Megan at 9:01 pm

    Those blossom branches are INSANE. They make a great centerpiece. This is utterly adorable with the cute red hearts too!

  3. Anonymous at 9:00 am

    Katie, no need to wait for spring! My mom used to cut branches of Cherry and Forsythia during winter and they would bloom too after a couple of days/weeks indoors. She really had it down to a science, so that she knew exactly when to cut the branches in order to have blossoms on a certain day! She always had Forsythia blooming on her birthday, which is February 11 and nowhere near spring where we live.