Weeknd Round-up: Outside

Weeknd Round-up: Outside

We had such a fun weekend!  On Friday, Rob and I left work early to ride bikes over for Outside Lands in the park. 65,000 people attend this outdoor music festival in the cold fog. We met up with Shane at the Of Monsters and Men show:

Andrew Bird was next, not quite as good but still fun.  It started to get really cold, even with a beanie and gloves.

After that show, Rob and I visited the gourmet food trucks for fried pickles and other treats.  We caught a bunch of the Neil Young Crazy Horse show and a bit of Justice.  The eventwas over at 9:00, we pedaled back home with a massive wave of other cyclists. Jean, Trent and the dogs were waiting for our return. Warmed up with tea at home before turning in to bed.

Lazy morning the next day. Jean and Trent took the dogs to interview for an apartment, Rob went for a bike at noon. ride and I went to the hair salon.  I drove across town to pick up Margaret at noon.  Back at home, Rob joined us for a picnic along the Embarcadero waterfront.  The weather in the city this weekend was so strange: hot and sunny at our house and freezing cold and foggy in the park.  Jean and Trent headed to Outside Lands in the afternoon and we took the dogs for a walk.

Margaret wasn’t feeling well, so we watched a movie and then drove her home.  Rob and took a drive to Ikea in Emeryville for a date at my favorite store.  I love, love Ikea and find the tiny apartment displays to be super soothing.

Our final score for the night included a white and black African-patterned rug, glass sealed jars, navy sheets, french-style dishtowels, wicker placemats, a hand-blown glass soap dispenser and a tiny succulent.

Big dinner at home of leftover dim sum.  Jean and Trent arrived back from the concerts at 10:00 and we stayed up late talking about their new temporary apartment in Palo Alto.

On Sunday, Jean and Trent were up early to move in their basics from our place to their new apartment.  Rob and I headed out shortly after on tandem bike to meet with friends for brunch at Park Chow. As soon as we hit the park, the fog was on thick – so glad I wore a scarf tied as a turban to cover the frizz:

We pedaled back home at noon. I spent some time in the garden and then did a major dusting (having the dogs has been so dusty!). The dogs had their final walk to the neighborhood dog park, then took deep naps while Rob and I tried to understand Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

In the evening, we drove down to deliver the dogs and help with the move. Their new little casita in Menlo Park is equal parts tiny and adorable. Spanish tile, redwood doors and a big yard with a brick patio. Jean and I unpacked the kitchen while Rob and Trent tackled the furniture. Quick break for dinner and then we were done at 8:00 – the benefit of a small place!

We drove home as the sun set and fog crept over the city skyline.  It seems very quiet at our apartment now.

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