Weekend: Family Circle

Weekend: Family Circle

Good thing we managed to move apartments last weekend! This weekend was packed full of visiting family.  On Friday night, Rob picked me up after work and we drove to meet my parents at their hotel in the Marina.  A casual dinner together at Plant to catch up before my mom left on her trip to South Carolina.

Saturday, Rob and I woke up early to get the house ready for visitors. We dashed over to IKEA (my favorite) for some organization tools. 

Jean and Trent arrived at 1:00 with dad in tow. They had been out looking at boats and were ready for naps.  Jean and I dashed downtown for a quick H&M shopping trip. My brother, Joe, arrived in the evening. We made a fire in the fireplace (our first!) and ordered chinese food for dinner.

Everyone left around 8:00 and that single duraflame log kept going until well after 11:30.  I made the most of it with some pillows and blankets at the heart while surfing Pinterest. Isn’t the fireplace nuts with all those different art deco tiles!

Lazy day on Sunday.  Rob and I took the car to get washed and picked up dad from his hotel to come stay with us for the next few days.  On the way home, we swung by farmer’s market and the grocery store for supplies. Reading, naps and a light lunch. Seth and Amy invited us over for dinner in the evening. I made a white plum and grape crisp to take over to the party.

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