Daisy Girl Scouts: Responsible for What I Say & Do Petal

Daisy Girl Scouts: Responsible for What I Say & Do Petal

Our Daisy Girl Scout troop has started earning their petal badges! For our first meeting in January, we worked on the orange “Responsible for what I say and do” petal.

Five year olds are exactly the right demographic for the classic “card game” 52 pick-up. We had the girls work as a team in three timed games as our wiggle break activity.

For the main craft, we made “flower pot” chore reminders using three popsicle sticks decorated with a drawing of a daily task (ie: brush teeth, walk dog, do dishes), a paper chrysanthemum and washi tape. This was their best, most-attentive craft project yet!

  • Name tags and coloring as girls arrive
  • Opening circle with the Girl Scout pledge and handshake
  • Discussion of what “responsible” means, promises and New Year’s resolutions
  • Wiggle break: timed rounds of 52 pick-up
  • Craft: Chore reminder flower pots
  • Closing circle: badge ceremony and friendship circle

Get the wiggles out with your Daisy troop

Daisy chore flower pots

Chore flower pots

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