Inspired: Academy of Sciences Party

Inspired: Academy of Sciences Party

I went to the most amazing party last week!  Figuring out my new role as VP this summer has been pretty stressful and demanding – this event with fancy Silicon Valley investors was an excellent perk.  It was the day before we moved apartments and a bit of a blur.

Held at the California Academy of Sciences, things started with a luncheon and presentations, then a fancy cocktail reception in the aquarium (eating fish while watching fish is a little creepy) and a gourmet dinner in the Hall of Africa.  I was seated next to my favorite diorama:

Love the long table set-up. It would actually be pretty easy to recreate at home. The table is mostly tea lights with a few white flowers thrown in.  White calligraphy on black paper on the name tags and placecards was an extra nice touch.

Look at these fancy people eating dessert beneath a cheetah! The live penguins at the end of the hall watched the party all night.

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  1. wmbg. at 3:39 pm

    the lighting is pretty amazing. and the ante would've been upped by a mil if that cheetah was real!