Things I Love Today: Kiwis

Things I Love Today: Kiwis

I stopped by the produce market on my way home last night for a much needed veggie fix. I made artichokes and paired them with a delicious salad of organic mixed greens, a cubed avocado, a cubed kiwi and balsamic dressing. Even better with a few raw sunflower seeds tossed on top and a glass of white wine on the side.

Yum! It was the perfect meal to offset the stress of our upstairs neighbor’s announcement that he is buying a grand piano. Just when we finally had the techno music under control!

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  1. Janet at 7:16 pm

    When you mentioned balsamic dressing, have you tried a balsamic glaze? It is my dressing of choice for salads at the moment, but it also fantastic on strawberries, and equally good in a marinade (or just straight on some cooked chicken). It is on the sweet side and thicker in consistency than balsamic dressing or vinegar — but much yummmier!!!!

  2. love.boxes at 7:52 pm

    The Grand Piano deal could be a good thing if your neighbor happens to know how to play it.
    We lived next to a guy that played the Cello in the Utah Symphony. When he was playing his cello, we really liked him, it was all the grumpy trouble he got into when he wasn’t practicing. Here’s hoping for the best! 🙂