What to Wear: Wine Country Wedding

What to Wear: Wine Country Wedding

Wedding season seems to be driving guests across the country a little nuts. Why is shopping for dresses so hard? Here is Erica’s request:

My friend is going to her brother’s wedding at the end of May. It might be in Sonoma County? At any rate, wine country. She’s been shopping for weeks with no success. I just talked to her and she’s decided to wear a dress she already owns. The problem now is two-fold: 1) the low-cut bodice needs to be made more modest for the Catholic ceremony 2) Shoes? accessories? She’s 5’9″ and a size 4.

The dress she chose is a great one from Tracy Reese. But it is a bit hard to match with accessories. Here’s one option:

Dress– $139 from Anthropologie.
Sweater – A navy cardigan (even a low cut one like this pick from Urban Outfitters) should provide enough coverage for the ceremony. If not, see if you can discretely fit a bandeau bra in navy under the top.
Shoes – A winery wedding most likely means a wedding with a lot of lawns. And lawns mean that heels are out. These blue wedges are delicate, fun and non-lawn aerating.
Clutch – From Proenza at Target for $10.
Earrings – Green bead drops from Forever 21.

I hope Erica’s friend has a great time in wine country!

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  1. e at 8:14 pm

    great job emily! i love how the colors work together. i’ll pass along the outfit ideas to my friend!