Weekend: Pool Time

Weekend: Pool Time

Rob and I kicked off the weekend with two startup parties on Friday night. First, a big product launch party at my office. Then, a tiny startup’s office-warming party in Berkeley. My company was this size (7 people) when I started, now we’re 260!

Jean and Trent invited us to spend the weekend with them, hanging out by the pool. Rob left early Saturday morning to bike to Palo Alto and I stayed home to bake cookies. As I have mentioned before my baking is fraught with technical errors…and this was no exception. I accidentally used twice the amount of butter when making chocolate chip cookies. The final result was delicious. A chewy, brussels-style cookie that we dubbed the “double butter.”

I ate about 10 during the baking process for quality control. Had an easy favorite for lunch: avocado with balsamic, olive oil and sea salt:

Continuing to only be moderately productive, I took a long bath and spent a good amount of time deciding on an outfit for the pool party:

Drove down to Palo Alto. Rob beat me there by about 15 minutes. We helped prep for the party and met Jean and Trent’s friends by the pool at their apartment complex.  Jean is at 38 weeks in her pregnancy and ready for it to be finished.

BBQ dinner out by the pool.  When the guests left, we spent the rest of the night watching HBO Go online and relaxing.  On Sunday morning, Jean made us a giant breakfast with pancakes and an egg scramble.  Her dog, Porter, is being accidentally adorable in this photo:

After breakfast, we walked over to the Stanford campus to visit the Rodin sculpture gardens and then over to the fancy shopping center. Jean started to get worn out and was having the occasional, irregular contraction.

Back home to their apartment in time for our brother Joe and nephew Cameron to arrive for a visit from Sacramento. We had another BBQ meal next to the pool together and caught up on old times. Rob and Trent went for a quick bike ride in the afternoon. We drove back to the city at 7:00. The annual earthquake memorial party is coming up later this week – so there’s lot to be done!

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