Weekends: Jet Set

Weekends: Jet Set

This weekend started with a much needed mellow night of pizza and a movie at home.  Rob and I had a leisurely Saturday morning with a jog, picking up dry cleaning and breakfast at a cafe down the street.

My parents arrived for a visit shortly after noon.  Mom went to drop by work with me for a few minutes and then we had late lunch at The Asian Art Museum.  Big dinner at home before going to the opera to see Mephistopheles.

What a great show! The production was so over the top: from 138 angels on stage to the saucy devil to a witches’ sabbath complete with nude chorus – it was amazing.

If you get  chance, go see Mephistopheles!  Walked home and went to bed at midnight…

…and woke up at 5:00 am Sunday morning to catch a flight to New York. The not-so-fancy side of being a “jet setter.” Arrived in New York in the early afternoon.  At the airport taxi queue –
I had all but written off the city, what kind of person would put up
with the hassle?  By the time we crossed the Queensboro Bridge, I was
ready to move here. So fickle!

Perfect late summer weather.  The nice woman I was traveling with and I  walked to the Upper West Side for dinner at a little neighborhood italian restaurant that claimed award-winning meatballs.  Bello Giardino was a charming spot and certainly delivered on the meatball promise. We wrapped up the meal with ricotta cheesecake and a lighter than air tiramisu.

It’s an amazing feeling to walk out of a restaurant and find yourself still in the middle of real-life Manhattan.  Walked back to the hotel past Lincoln Center and Columbus Circle. 

A couple meetings and then I fly back home tonight.

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