What to Wear: Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s Wedding, Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

What to Wear: Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy’s Wedding, Inspired by Pride and Prejudice

Episode 6 of Pride & Prejudice saves everyone from ruin. Mr. Darcy has to arrange not one, but two, marriages for Bennet sisters before he can find his own happiness. Lydia is married, Jane is married and Elizabeth too. A happy Jane Austen ending!

Dress – I’m not usually a fan of strapless gowns, but this Miranda dress from J. Crew is so nicely cut. Somehow it seems right that Lizzie Bennet’s wedding dress would have pockets.
Coat – The strapless cut wouldn’t matter as much since you’d be wearing this elegant white coat over it for your winter wedding in a picturesque stone church.
Tiara – I can only find a photo, not a source, but this laurel wreath tiara is exactly right.
Bouquet – A loose and wild wedding bouquet of Lily of the Valley and herbs, just like in the series.
Gloves – Lizzie wore leather gloves throughout all six episodes almost every time she was outside, but not at her snowy wedding? This white leather pair has a suede ruffle.
Shoes – Basic white satin bridal pumps from Kate Spade.

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  1. Anonymous at 12:14 pm

    Dear Emily,

    your "Pride and prejudice" inspired "what to wear"-posts are absolutely faboulous! I'm so glad the "what to wear"-posts are back…:)
    I have been reading your blog for a few years, but have been to shy to comment. Your latest posts definitely put me in the mood for some spring shopping. However, as I am seventeen weeks pregnant right now (my second baby, I already have little boy of 18 months), I sadly can't wear most of the clothes you posted…
    So, how about a "what-to-wear"-post with a spring/ summer for pregnant ladies theme? I crave colours at the moment, I'm really fed up with all the winter blacks. I especially covet – because of your posts;)- a pink or coral coat or jacket. Also most of the clothes would have to be washable (as I have a little boy) and I live in Germany, so it would be great, if there was shipping to Europe.

    Thank you so much for your blog! It frequently cheers me up as I'm having some difficulty with the pregnancy at the moment.


  2. mandy at 10:51 pm

    This has been fun! Thanks for the inspiration to rewatch one of my favorite series ever.