What to Wear: A Brighter Maternity

What to Wear: A Brighter Maternity

Hana wrote in with a request for a few spring pieces to brighten up her maternity in Europe:

Your latest posts definitely put me in the mood for some spring shopping. However, as I am seventeen weeks pregnant right now (my second baby, I already have little boy of 18 months), I sadly can’t wear most of the clothes you posted…So, how about a “what-to-wear”-post with a spring/ summer for pregnant ladies theme? I crave colors at the moment, I’m really fed up with all the winter blacks. I especially covet – because of your posts;)- a pink or coral coat or jacket. Also most of the clothes would have to be washable (as I have a little boy) and I live in Germany, so it would be great, if there was shipping to Europe. Thank you so much for your blog! It frequently cheers me up as I’m having some difficulty with the pregnancy at the moment.

Let’s make some sweeping generalizations: Maternity clothes are largely dreadful. Most everything is navy and gray. Especially American maternity brands. Except Old Navy. The Japanese and French brands have a lot more fun.  
Here are some fun maternity picks in corals, reds and pinks for Hana: 
1. This $20 coral striped maternity tunic from Old Navy is so adorable. There’s an exposed brass zipper on the back to make it even more appealing. 
2. Finding a coral maternity coat for sale at the start of spring was nearly impossible. But thankfully, a Japanese maternity brand came to the rescue. This maternity trench coat in watermelon is $57. 
3. San Francisco brand, Japanese Weekend, makes stylish and practical clothes that carry you all the way through nursing. My sister had a version of this nursing/maternity jersey wrap dress in plum.  
4. French-brand, La Redoute, has some adorable maternity clothes. This coral striped maternity shirt is 25 euros. 
5. La Redoute also sells these bright coral pink maternity trousers for 45 euros. 
6. This gauzy coral tunic from Old Navy would have fit in perfectly with our Jane Austen series last week! 
7. You have to hand it to Old Navy for at least trying to make cute maternity clothes. This coral athletic tank is $24.
8. The only other bright coat I could find: a magenta wool maternity coat with brass buttons on sale for $89. 

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  1. Anonymous at 7:15 pm

    Dear Emily,

    thank you so much!!!

    I was just settling down on the sofa before going to sleep after a rather stressy evening with my semi-ill little boy…and then I saw this! Wow, your fast! And I love the bright corals and pinks! Am already planning what to order…

    Again, thank you so much for all the work you put into this post and for cheering me up – I really need that at the moment;)

    Hana (from Germany)