Catch a Glimpse of Denali from Talkeetna, Alaska

Catch a Glimpse of Denali from Talkeetna, Alaska

{Note: Alaska has a bounty of many things: trees, moose, smoked meats…but fast and reliable internet is not one of those things. The furthest outposts of Croatia had way better connectivity than the Yukon. Updates may be spotty for the next two weeks}

Talkeetna is an adorable mix of mountaineers, hippies and cruise ship passengers on the inland railroad extension of their Alaskan voyages. 

We spent a night in this tiny town on our way between Anchorage and Denali in the RV. It’s also a big outpost for taking seaplane tours and fishing expeditions.

There are scenic tiny log cabins…

…and scenic tiny restaurants selling microbrewed beers, fresh baked bread, reindeer sausage and ice cream.

The whole thing is straight out of Northern Exposure, which I heartily appreciate. Beyond the adorable town is the real attraction, though: Talkeetna translates to “place where three rivers meet” and from that spot, you can get an incredible view of Denali. Also known as Mt. Mickinley, this is North America’s tallest mountain at just over 20,000 feet.

The photos don’t really do justice to how massively this mountain looms in the distance.

It was now getting to be close to 10pm, so we walked over the railroad bridge north of town for a bit of an exploration before heading home to the RV.

Goodnight Talkeetna!

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