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Domino Magazine

I can’t be the only one who feels this way…I am a Domino Magazine subscriber and, although I like this mag’s design ideas and tips, I am starting to hate it.

You see, Domino loves to feature the same breed of wealthy and fabulous young women in each issue. 27 year old interior designers, business owners, socialites and VP’s. They each have their own remodeled huge house or deluxe apartment and they all have dogs and big yards. For example, their recent profile of a carpet heiresses with a two bedroom apartment in Manhattan with big closets full of designer purses. And it’s not like Vogue, that is admitedly unrealistic. Domino touts itself as completely reasonable!

For a city girl who rents, has no yard, no dogs, no self-made millions and takes the bus to work, these profiles can be quite depressing. It makes you think that if you were just more motivated, you too could have a three bedroom apartment decorated by Jonathan Adler, a lot of modern art and two pugs . I think the best solution is to just stop reading Domino Magazine!

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  1. Anonymous at 1:34 am

    I’m supposed to be working from home today, but am (yet again) daydreaming (can’t you tell? I’m looking at the 2006 archives of this blog!) about gorgeous city apartments filled with details only a carpet heiress could afford. Thank you for reminding me to throw away the old Domino and get back to doing the job I love, no matter the paycheck!

  2. Michelle Bingham at 6:41 pm

    I totally agree, I loath reading that section my favorite was the girl who goes and like milks her own cow then walks to work and eats organic vegetables from her garden, naps, reads email and gets paid for this?! After this year I am ending my subscription.

  3. I Heart Freckles at 1:46 pm

    Do you still have issues laying around? I have been looking to get my hands on old issues ever since they stopped printing.

    If you still have issues, any number of issues, doesn't matter how old or how ripped, contact me, because I'd like to have them. Of course I will take care for the shipping. I live in Vienna, Austria.

    Thank you 🙂