Urban girl tip: camping update

Urban girl tip: camping update

I am back from the trip to Yosemite and want to update my previous post about camping tips. Here are other necessary items:

Aspirin and band-aids:
Rock climbing is hard work. It’s especially rough on your muscles, elbows, knees and hands. I can barely raise my arms above my head today and my legs look like they were attacked by a malicious and rabid squirrel. I guess I won’t be wearing a skirt for my birthday this week after all. The aspirin is for muscle pains and wine-overdose-related hangovers.

Chapstick: It was cold in the valley and I returned with a serious case of chapped lips. A combination of blistex and pure shea butter is helping them recover slowly.

Bear mace: Bears are everywhere in Yosemite this time of year. Last weekend our friend slept in her car with her cat instead of in a tent. On both Friday and Saturday night bears played around with her car…in one case leaving big paw prints on the windows. Good thing she had put all her food in the bear box!

Camera: I always forget to bring a camera with me on these trips. Despite the soreness, chapped lips and bear encounters, these trips are so much fun! Next time I need to bring a camera to catch all the action.

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