Urban Girl Tip: Surviving potlucks

Urban Girl Tip: Surviving potlucks

Don’t get me wrong…I am 100% pro-party. I really am a die hard supporter any kind of entertaining. If you want to have a party but only have goldfish crackers and milk crate chairs…I say go for it. But if I had to rank different types of parties, potlucks would show up at the very bottom of my list. The food is just never that good, it’s hard to coordinate guests, none of the dishes go together, casserole dishes get lost, you get the idea.

One of the more successful potlucks I ever attended was a few weeks ago in SLO before St. Patrick’s Day. There were a few good dishes, a ton of food choices and a lot of beer. One notable dish was a cold vegan salad of beets, snap peas, carrots, potatoes and other veggies with a fresh ginger dressing. A girl approached me to ask if I had made it; her table was taking bets. Apparently, I look like someone who makes tasty potluck salads. Is that a good thing?

Anyway, I’m going to try to recreate that mysterious salad this weekend for my cousin’s potluck birthday party. Now that Trader Joe’s sells cooked beets, I may be able to accomplish this task without dyeing myself and my kitchen completely purple.

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  1. KRiSTOPHER DUKES at 6:29 am

    I’d rather starve myself than eat a casserole.

    Well, I’d rather starve myself than eat most things besides almond biscotti dripped in soy lattes.

    Borderline anorexia is the mark of a great fashion journalist.

  2. Anonymous at 8:04 pm

    Yeah, but potlucks are great because it allows your guests a chance to shine. Most parties are about the hosts (a bit selfish), Potlucks are about the guests. It gives everybody a chance to show off and to get a little praise. Maybe you just need better guests?